Sunday, 27 September 2015

My new clover work

I have recently begun working with clover growing round and about where I live. I have been taking their photographs, and working with them to make images: clovers of many shapes and sizes, shades of green, patterns on leaves, and with corresponding flowers of pink or white.

A flat scale of clover

la la la la la la la la….la la la la la la la la


      Looking at clover

pink clover ring

clover of hearts

I am showing some of my new clover work alongside photographs and work by Petra Finkenzeller and Ruth Revell from the Save South Purdown Group and the work is at Eastville Library for the next few weeks.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

my tomatoes

my tomatoes are getting ripe

this one felt a bit strange when I picked it up
Something else got there first and obviously enjoyed the insides from head to toe
leaving me with a fragile light tomato egg

Saturday, 25 July 2015


 purple clover flowers growing all in a ring. 

I was thinking they say (not sure how or who says or how this came about but I will have to find out) four leaf clovers are lucky but we are lucky to have three leaf ones too. I found lots of fairy like clover rings on South Purdown. I have a vague memory of collecting clover for our guinea pigs when i was a child. 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Exhibition at Yogawest

I have been very busy over the last few weeks  putting together an exhibition of my prints at my local yoga centre which is called  YOGAWEST  run by the very lovely Diana and Mike Penny (click on link for further details).
I am very happy to have my work here as I feel like the two are very linked. 

I am exhibiting twenty four prints including etchings,
collagraphs, screen prints and laser cuts made over
a period of many years
There is soon to be an opening of the show
as well as the Yogawest's brand new ceiling which is a beautiful undulating series of curves. The date is still to be decided, and I will  keep you posted about this.

All will be welcome, or please email me with contact details
to arrange a time to come and view my work. 

An exhibition of Prints at Yoga West …


My work is primarily about nature.
I am drawn to something, perhaps a plant, or a vegetable, and I may notice a tiny aspect of it that I find fascinating. I record this and communicate its special, un-noticed qualities.
I want to bring the sense of wonderment to my work that I feel for everyday things - a walnut, a parsnip, an acorn….
I give value to each little thing, and show its importance in the world.

Coo Geller has just finished an M.A in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England for which she received a distinction.
She was also awarded the Rebecca Smith Fine Art Prize.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

wild snail eating

whilst doing my MA in printmaking at  the University of the West of England, I came across the amazing book the sound of a wild snail eating by Elisabeth Tove Bailey (click here for information about the author and the book)

I did not finish the book at the time because of so much to do in my final year, but came back to it today. Re- reading the markers I  placed in the book, I found a reference to a film which I intended to look at but somehow didn't get round to : It mentions the sensuous scene of two Burgandy snails courting in a French Meadow in the film Microcosmos,(click here to watch film) 1996, directed by the scientists Claude Nuridsany and Marie Perennou. 

I don't know how it has never come to my attention before as it shows the tiny (- in some ways, big in other ways - ) details of our natural world such as a rain drop falling on to a blade of grass and the impact of this on the surrounding inhabitants. The movements and drama of wild life in a day in the meadow are brought to life with Bruno Coulais' original music composition L'amour des escargots. I almost felt like a voyour in a passionate moment in the love life of the snails. 
I love this film which shows both the beauty,humorous moments, and at the same time the reality of the wild life of our world which surrounds us everyday. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I found Bird Song by Hamish Fulton:a book of walks made on the british Isles 1970-1990, in the University of the West of England's Artist Book Collection in the Library at Bower Ashton.



Each walk has a theme which is described by photographs and sparse wording. The naming of things has always been important to me (even down to particular items of clothing as a child). 
The Type face, its colour, and size make the words into something very visual as well as been descriptive in a literary sense.
Looking at Hamish Fulton's book of walks inspires me, and makes me want to do what he has done : to become more acquainted with our natural world, to go out and spend time alone with the elements walking, sleeping, and listening. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Walnut

I recently went to the Holburne Museum in Bath
(click here for museum information)  
There were a number of draws which you could open up to reveal some small hidden exhibits. I liked the ritual and self involvement in this, and the excitement of what I would find next........In one draw, I came across a walnut - this always gives me a pang as walnuts hold a special place in my heart *, and I have worked with them extensively in making prints, laser cuts, books and light box pieces. This walnut had a figure intricately carved around its surface. It was incredible to see the detail worked into such a tiny item. 

Thinking of walnuts and close to the heart has made me think of a walnut i found recently which on opening surprised me